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Our Philosophy

The Ear Institute of Texas is committed to utilizing our many years of expertise in providing the latest advancements in medical technology to evaluate and treat all dimensions of the human ear. Our goal is to treat each patient as an individual, with compassion and understanding.

Lance E. Jackson M.D., FACS

The Ear Institute of Texas’ mission is to be the leading vestibular diagnostic resource, committed to serving and providing the highest level of healthcare to our patents, utilizing the latest technological advances to effectively treat and rehabilitate a growing population with vestibular disorders. We are also committed to providing the best diagnostic, medical, and surgical care for patients with hearing disorders, using the most advanced technology available. The Ear Institute of Texas is committed to applying our knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art resources to create an ideal relationship for our patients, employees, and ancillary providers in terms of patient care, growth, service, and value.

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